Programme congress

5th EFT Congres - Friday April 13th 2018


08.30 hr Welcome and registration
09.30 hr Opening by chair Desirée van den Broek
09.40 hr Learning to work with difficult couples
Sue Johnson
10.30 hr Processes of change and stability in early adolescent attachment development: Implications for clinical practice.
Guy Bosmans
11.15 hr Morning Break
11.45 hr Using Attachment and Relational Perspectives to Understand Adaptation and Resilience among Immigrant and Refugee Youth
Jeffry Simpson
Parallel Session: EFT voor mediators, introductie
Annelies Verhoeff / Annebeth Post Uiterweer /
Pieter Dingemanse / Makiri Mual
12.30 hr Lunch Break
Inspirational meetings (interactive)
14.00 hr Workshops
01. Fighting for a safer connection
Lieven Migerode and Jef Slootmaeckers
02. Between addiction and connection
Dimitrij Samoilow
03. Identifying and working through parental blocks to attuned responsives
George Faller
04. 'Mijn kind luistert nooit naar mij. Ik voel me zo falen als ouder!"
Hoe aansluiten bij ouders met behulp van hechtingsgerichte gezinstherapie (AFFT)
Elien Oostendorp and Lenny Rodenburg
05. Reactive couples: a thin line to walk on
Jeroen Bakker and Karin Wagenaar
06. Handling affairs with EFT
Petra Deij
07. Transcultural system therapy and EFT
Forugh Karimi
08.   EFT voor mediators, de praktijk
Annelies Verhoeff / Annebeth Post Uiterweer /
Pieter Dingemanse / Makiri Mual
15.30 hr Afternoon Break
16.00 hr Holding multiple truths to create secure attachment in families
George Faller
16.45 hr Closing by chair Desirée van den Broek
17.00 hr Reception - informal get together