Inspirational meetings

Preceding conferences have shown that part of the joy during the conference is being able to have inspirational meetings with your fellow participants. We consider it a loss when we don’t use all the expertise that is amongst the participants. In order to enhance exchange and connection among all of you, we facilitate an extra long lunch break. During this break there will be an organized possibility to share experiences, expertise or use it for networking.

The practical part

Based upon the self-organizing capacity of the group, we provide a practical framework to ‘orchestrate’ the meetings. There will be two separate meeting rounds of 30 minutes each. There will be a signal at the beginning and at the end of each session. Especially for these meetings a large amount of allocated corners and seats will be created. On the wall next to the entrance of the conference hall, you will find a map with all these locations pointed out. Next to this map is an overview of all the meetings taking place during the two rounds. At the start of the conference this overview is still empty. You will be asked to fill this scheme with all kinds of topics, questions, exercises, statements for discussion or anything you can think of that might be at interest for you and your fellow participants.

You can choose to participate in 0, 1 or 2 rounds, and you have two options to do so:

  1. You are looking for sparring partners on a topic of your choice.
    For example: EFT therapist is looking for a mediator for cooperation, who has specific experience in working with EFT and the elderly, sexuality and EFT etcetera. In this case you are the initiator of a meeting and you will write on a empty field (round one OR round two on a specific location) your name and your specific question or topic.
  2. You see an interesting topic written ‘on the wall’ on which you would like to contribute to. In this case you ‘subscribe’ bij putting your name on the list below the name of the initiator and the subject.


In both cases it is recommendable to note the locations of your meetings directly as you subscribe.