5th EFT Congress | Friday April 13th, 2018

Thema: Embracing differences: attachment in times of uncertainty

Embracing differences: attachment in times of uncertainty

The Theme

These days we tend to accentuate the differences between people, cultures and nations. In this time of apparent polarisation it is a challenge to keep the dialogue open. It seems that black and white thinking is becoming more dominant. From research we know that when anxiety and insecurity grows, people tend to withdraw in their own tribe. The danger however lies in the negative assumptions about the others; the stronger they get, the more they lead to withdrawal in the own bubble, the more loneliness comes into existence.

How can we deal with this? Our 5th EFT conference is about bridging the gap between people and their differences. The questions we want to address are: What makes it so difficult for us to stay in touch with  people who are different from us, or with people who choose a different way of live? What makes us feel unsafe to be with people who have a different culture? But also: What actually binds us together? What makes us curious about others? How can we look at our differences from a place of openness and curiosity and learn from it?

Speakers and program

Sue Johnson will talk about attachment: a reliable guide in changing times. She will sharpen your brain and move your heart when she talks passionately about how we will be better off by not living in our own bubble, but instead how to keep the coherence in our society and connect with others.  Jeff Simpson is a well known attachment researcher and will share the latest insights about the effects of early disadvantages on health, later in life. From Belgium we have Guy Boschmans, renowned researcher in attachment and specialised in Attachment Based Family Therapy, who will talk about his ABFT work with adolescents. And from New York we have George Faller, a former firefighter in New York City, who specialised in EFFT. He is one of the authors of the treatment manual for EFFT, that will be out in spring 2018. More about the speakers, click here. To see the program, click here.

The attachment perspective is essential for understanding strong emotions of loss and grief. It has shed new light on escalated relationships and on divorce. In mediation the interest in EFT is growing. That is why we have a special mediators track in our conference this edition.

The workshops

In the afternoon we will have several workshops to choose from. For instance the workshop by our Flemish EFT colleague Lieven Migerode and Jef Slootmaeckers, on couples with violence in their relationship. For information about all workshops, click here.

Evening masterclass Sue Johnson

Very unique indeed is our special evening masterclass with Sue Johnson, about handling ‘difficult couples’. Have you always wanted to learn directly from the Founder of EFT? This is your chance to come and meet Sue, maybe she has the answer to your dilemma. Click here for more information.

1 day EFFT masterclass, saturday 14 april

For those of you who want to get deeper into EFFT we have a whole day masterclass with passionate presenter George Faller! Yes, the former firefighter and one of the developers of EFF, he will inspire you to take your work with families to a next level and to become more emotionally focused!

Exchange and socializing

Our conference is a perfect place to meet your colleagues, other therapists, mediators, supervisors and trainers, and interested people form other fields and countries.  We will facilitate and stimulate the exchange of ideas during the lunch break. We designed a way to make this happen. The extra long break will provide time for inspiring ‘orchestrated meetings’. You will have an opportunity to share expertise about a certain topic, network with interesting parties.... or share new ideas for the future of EFT.

I imagine the Fifth EFT conference as a warm meeting-place for people from different walks of life  with the same common goal: to shape loving connections.

Will you be joining us?

Warm greetings,
Karin Wagenaar

Onderdeel van EFT

Dit congress wordt georganiseerd door Stichting EFT-Nederland.

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